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Cole McNight for Kern County Judge

Cole McNight for Kern County JudgeThe Bakersfield Police Officers Association supports Cole McNight for Kern County [more]

In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates

In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates   In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates, Like many residents of Bakersfield and Kern County, members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association looked forward to the public debate between District Attorney Candidates Cynthia Zimmer and Scott Spielman. As law enforcement officers and members of this community we have a vested interest in the Office of District Attorney and who assumes that elected position. Local law enforcement and the District Attorney [more]

A Message from the President of Bakersfield Police Officers Association

The Bakersfield Police Officers Association (BPOA) is comprised of the 400 police officers of the Bakersfield Police Department. Our officers are sworn to the prevention of crime; the protection of life and property; and the preservation of public peace and enforcement of law. The purpose of this website is intended for the general public, elected officials and the local media to keep abreast with the activities of the BPOA and the dedicated officers who serve the city of Bakersfield. We hope it will serve as a reflection of the positive contributions our police officers make every day.

-Santiago Baltazar ,President

We are currently soliciting area businesses and residents for our annual fundraising campaign. These phone solicitations are sanctioned by the BPOA. We also want to thank all of the contributors who have been supporting us this way for so long. Your help is appreciated.

BPOA Code of Ethics
Thank You KGET
DUI Awareness Campaign “Not In My Town”