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Our Officers And The Public Are At Risk!

What’s happening to our city?

The 300 members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association believe City Hall is putting its police officers and the public at risk by not dedicating a sufficient number of officers and resources to maintain law & order.  We are underfunded, underequipped, and understaffed.

For example, there are only 33 patrol officers working during the weekday afternoons—when our children are walking home from school and vulnerable to predators. Even worse, on the weekends, when crime activity is at its peak and drunk drivers are on the road, there as few as 24 officers on-duty.

Our Police Department is so understaffed that it would have to hire almost 100 new officers to reach the City Council’s goal of 1.3 officers per thousand residents.  Additionally, the city is finding it more and more difficult to recruit and retain officers due to substandard salaries and benefits.  A salary comparison of law enforcement agencies places Bakersfield Police Officer’s salaries 30% below the average of comparable cities like Fresno, Stockton, Modesto and even the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.  The City Council then convinced the voters to successfully pass Measure D which imposed a substandard retirement plan on newly hired officers and firefighters.

Today, Bakersfield Police Officers have been working without a contract for 5 years.  Their last pay raise was 1% in 2007.  Meanwhile, other city employees have received 10% in salary increases since 2007.  Some city management employees even received a whopping 17% during the same time period!!

As a matter of public safety, things need to change. We need your help.  Call or email your city council member and let them know you believe our Bakersfield Police Officers need the appropriate amount of resources and support necessary to take back control of our streets.