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Burglary Prevention Tips

Burglars target houses that appear unoccupied.  Make your house appear as if someone is home:
-Vacation holds on newspapers and mail.
-Have a trusted neighbor/friend check for handbills and flyers
-Maintain front yard landscaping-Keep front yard shrubbery low
-Photoelectric porch lights (auto on night/off day)
-Clean and operable appearing vehicle parked in driveway
-Interior light/s on timer
-Radio/TV on timer
-Alarm and/or alarm stickers/signs
-“Beware of Dog” signs
-Don’t broadcast your travel plans
-Lock all doors and windows
-Windowless garage doors

Burglars search houses for jewelry, cash, electronics (game consoles, TVs, etc.), and guns.  All of these items are easy to sell for cash/drugs.

All firearms should be stored securely allowing access only to the owners.  Quick access gun safes are a must for all homeowners with handguns.

Call the police department to report suspicious persons or activity in your neighborhood.