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May 09th, 2018

Cole McNight for Kern County Judge

The Bakersfield Police Officers Association supports Cole McNight for Kern County Judge.


In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates


In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates,

Like many residents of Bakersfield and Kern County, members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association looked forward to the public debate between District Attorney Candidates Cynthia Zimmer and Scott Spielman. As law enforcement officers and members of this community we have a vested interest in the Office of District Attorney and who assumes that elected position. Local law enforcement and the District Attorney must work hand-in-hand in the filing of criminal cases and the District Attorney can set the pace for the aggressive prosecution of law violators.

Members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association were dismayed when during the debate on April 19th and during a prior debate, District Attorney Candidate Scott Spielman explained that his opponent Cynthia Zimmer received local law enforcement association endorsements due to his unpopularity in forming an independent shooting review board and not “rubberstamping” criminal cases. His assertions could not be further from the truth.

On a daily basis officers and deputies in Kern County go to work and do the best they can in an era of decreasing criminal penalties, and rising violent crime.  We understand the need for oversight on officer involved shootings and criminal case reviews. As an association we welcome the additional review processes and are looking forward to the trial test of body cameras.

We as law enforcement officers don’t just exist in a “law enforcement bubble”, we live here, and we are your neighbors, parents, sons, daughters and also victims of the growing crime rate.  We endorsed candidate Cynthia Zimmer due to her aggressive prosecution of violent offenders, her work ethic and a track record of avoiding easy plea deals for violent offenses.

Scott Spielman’s assertions are blatantly false and alienate the law enforcement officers who on a daily basis go out and investigate the criminal law violations that his office prosecutes.

Cynthia Zimmer has been a prosecutor for the past 32 years. She has assisted Law Enforcement and the citizens of Kern County by removing dangerous criminals from our streets.

Cynthia Zimmer is known for her relentless work ethic and passion for Law Enforcement. She has prosecuted an array of cases throughout her prestigious career.

Cynthia Zimmer is tough on crime and will be an asset to the citizens of Kern County, as well as Law Enforcement.

She has partnered with the “Safe Streets” program and volunteers her time mentoring the at-risk youth of Bakersfield. This type of youth outreach shows Cynthia Zimmer’s commitment to our community. Cynthia Zimmer’s actions speak volumes of her character and passion for crime reduction.

Cynthia Zimmer shares resembling values and commitment to Bakersfield as the members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association.

The BPOA is proud to support Cynthia Zimmer, as she is Law Enforcement’s choice for District Attorney.


Ramon Chavez, President BPOA