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October 26th, 2018

BPOA Political Endorsements 2018

Bakersfield City council;

Bob Smith-Ward 4

Bob is married to his wonderful wife, Pamela. Bob and his wife have called Bakersfield home for 35 years. Together, they have four grown children. They attend Riverlakes Community Church.

As a Councilmember, Bob is dedicated to improving street safety for all residents of Bakersfield. He is particularly passionate about working to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities on our roadways. To this end, Bob pushed through passage of the Bicycle Transportation Plan and the Complete Streets Resolution. Bob continues this work to create a safer and more efficient road system for all road users.

As part of his goal to improve the local economy, Bob is committed to attracting individuals and businesses from a quality-of-life perspective. Bob is a strong proponent of finishing our segmented freeway system. The opening of the Westside Parkway has been a great benefit to Ward 4 residents. Bob has and will continue to push freeway projects forward. A good transportation network for freight, automobiles, bicyclists, and pedestrians is essential to a vibrant economy.

Bob is also dedicated to restoring water in the river. As one of three Councilmembers who comprise the Water Board, Bob continues to direct staff to use all methods possible to achieve this goal. The continuing drought and the recent state legislation requiring groundwater management make it even more apparent that the plan to restore water in the river for groundwater recharge is necessary for the long-term sustainability of our water resources.

Bob is focused on staying attentive to the specific needs of Ward 4 residents while also maintaining a greater vision for the community as a whole. Bob is proud to be a part of the redevelopment of downtown Bakersfield and to work with groups such as Bakersfield Young Professionals and Keep Bakersfield Beautiful on additional quality-of-life improvements.


Willie Rivera -Ward 1

In June of 2013, Councilmember Willie Rivera became the youngest elected City Councilmember in Bakersfield’s history. Since being sworn in, he has made infrastructure investment, community development and public safety top priorities on the Bakersfield City Council. Councilmember Rivera currently serves as Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee and as a member of the Safe Neighborhoods Committee, Community Services Committee and the Joint City-County Standing Committee to Combat Gang Violence. Councilmember Rivera proudly calls Southeast Bakersfield his home and is honored to represent the hardworking residents of Bakersfield City Council Ward 1.


Chris Parlier– Ward 7

Chris Parlier moved to Bakersfield in 1985, for a law enforcement job with the state after honorably serving his country in the US Air Force for four years. He subsequently met and married his wife Debbie, a native of Bakersfield and they have raised their two children within Ward 7 of Bakersfield. Chris subsequently retired as a Special Agent within the California Department of Justice, Division of Law Enforcement.

Since then, Chris has started two private sector businesses, Global Protective Services (GPS), which has since been sold and C & D Amusement. Both public and community service have always been important to him and he continues to serve his community. He has been active in supporting education and youth sporting activities too, by serving as the former President and Vice President of the Ridgeview High School Athletic Boosters Club.

In November 2014, Chris was elected to the Bakersfield City Council.


Kern County Board of Supervisors;

Dal Bunn -2nd District Supervisor

“The folks in these communities vote like everywhere else and pay taxes like everybody else, they should have those services in Kern County, just like everybody else”.


Tax Measure;

Yes” Measure N

To prevent cuts/improve 911 emergency response, police/fire protection, anti-gang/drug units, neighborhood police patrols; rapid response to assaults, robberies, gang violence, home burglaries; crime prevention; address homelessness; retain, attract jobs/businesses; unrestricted general revenue purposes; shall the measure be adopted approving an ordinance establishing a one-cent sales tax providing $50,000,000 annually until ended by voters, requiring independent audits, citizens oversight


Kern Community College District Board of Trustees for Area 1;

Lorenzo “Coach” Alvarez

I am running for the Kern Community College District Board of Trustees for Area 1.  Education is very important to me.  I have an Associate Arts Degree from Porterville College, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s in Public Administration Degree from California State University, Bakersfield and a Juris Doctor Degree from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law in Los Angeles.  I care about Bakersfield College and I care about the Students and Student Athletes at Bakersfield College.

“If elected I will work diligently toward recruiting and retaining only the most highly qualified instructors, developing and supporting academic initiatives that will prepare our students for higher education and careers upon graduation.”

During this election season we have endorsed several candidates throughout Kern County whose beliefs best align with the Bakersfield Police Officers Association and community we serve.


Ramon Chavez, President, BPOA

May 09th, 2018

Cole McNight for Kern County Judge

The Bakersfield Police Officers Association supports Cole McNight for Kern County Judge.


In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates


In response to the District Attorney Candidate debates,

Like many residents of Bakersfield and Kern County, members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association looked forward to the public debate between District Attorney Candidates Cynthia Zimmer and Scott Spielman. As law enforcement officers and members of this community we have a vested interest in the Office of District Attorney and who assumes that elected position. Local law enforcement and the District Attorney must work hand-in-hand in the filing of criminal cases and the District Attorney can set the pace for the aggressive prosecution of law violators.

Members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association were dismayed when during the debate on April 19th and during a prior debate, District Attorney Candidate Scott Spielman explained that his opponent Cynthia Zimmer received local law enforcement association endorsements due to his unpopularity in forming an independent shooting review board and not “rubberstamping” criminal cases. His assertions could not be further from the truth.

On a daily basis officers and deputies in Kern County go to work and do the best they can in an era of decreasing criminal penalties, and rising violent crime.  We understand the need for oversight on officer involved shootings and criminal case reviews. As an association we welcome the additional review processes and are looking forward to the trial test of body cameras.

We as law enforcement officers don’t just exist in a “law enforcement bubble”, we live here, and we are your neighbors, parents, sons, daughters and also victims of the growing crime rate.  We endorsed candidate Cynthia Zimmer due to her aggressive prosecution of violent offenders, her work ethic and a track record of avoiding easy plea deals for violent offenses.

Scott Spielman’s assertions are blatantly false and alienate the law enforcement officers who on a daily basis go out and investigate the criminal law violations that his office prosecutes.

Cynthia Zimmer has been a prosecutor for the past 32 years. She has assisted Law Enforcement and the citizens of Kern County by removing dangerous criminals from our streets.

Cynthia Zimmer is known for her relentless work ethic and passion for Law Enforcement. She has prosecuted an array of cases throughout her prestigious career.

Cynthia Zimmer is tough on crime and will be an asset to the citizens of Kern County, as well as Law Enforcement.

She has partnered with the “Safe Streets” program and volunteers her time mentoring the at-risk youth of Bakersfield. This type of youth outreach shows Cynthia Zimmer’s commitment to our community. Cynthia Zimmer’s actions speak volumes of her character and passion for crime reduction.

Cynthia Zimmer shares resembling values and commitment to Bakersfield as the members of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association.

The BPOA is proud to support Cynthia Zimmer, as she is Law Enforcement’s choice for District Attorney.


Ramon Chavez, President BPOA

May 25th, 2016

madd 2016 Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Recognition Luncheon


Kern County Deputy District Attorney Jim Simpson and BPD Officer Anthony Herron were presented with awards today at the Mothers Against Drunk Driving 2016 Law Enforcement & Prosecutor Recognition Luncheon held in Fresno, Ca.


Deputy DA Jim Simpson was awarded with the Central Valley Prosecutor of the year award.
Officer Herron was presented with the Century Award. The Century Award was awarded to Officers with 100 or more DUI arrest in 2015.

Congratulations Gentlemen and thank you for your hard work!

May 19th, 2016

DUI awareness campaign “Not In My Town”

The BPOA recently partnered with the BFD, MADD, and KGET for the DUI awareness campaign “Not In My Town.”