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BPOA Headlines

March 20th, 2012

R. I. P. Officer Trevor Jones

On Tuesday evening, March 20th, Officer Trevor Jones died of heart failure.  The men and women of the Bakersfield Police Officers Association are grieving at the loss of one of our own, and have the Jones family in our thoughts and prayers.  Trevor was only 23.

March 09th, 2011

Why Employee Pensions Aren’t Bankrupting States

WASHINGTON — From state legislatures to Congress to tea party rallies, a vocal backlash is rising against what are perceived as too-generous retirement benefits for state and local government workers. However, that widespread perception doesn’t match […]

February 08th, 2011

Don’t Blame California Public Employees!

A recent article in the Economist magazine titled “Tough Times for Everyone – Except Public Sector Workers” states that taxpayers are now learning about “the banquet public sector workers have been having at the expense of everyone else” and that many public employees can “retire in their mid-50s on close to […]

November 09th, 2010

Public Safety Pensions Are Sustainable

Would you want me to decide what your pension will be when you retire? How about what your salary or wage should be now? What about how much you will pay for health insurance?  I thought not.  These are all issues decided by employees and employers per established California’s collective bargaining laws adopted to set wages, benefits, and working […]

September 03rd, 2010

Stop Blaming Public Employees For The State’s Rickety Finances

Public sector employees have unfairly become the focal point in an economic catastrophe not of their making. Even “Saturday Night Live” skewered public employees for a cheap laugh. But, while fans of late night television may chuckle, it’s no joke that in California, the public sector is under a magnifying glass […]