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September 26th, 2012

Police Union Advertises — In A Big Way — Its Discontent

The Bakersfield police officers union has thrown another jab in its ongoing rumble with the city over long-unresolved pay issues by erecting almost a dozen billboards around town.  The largest is on Rosedale Highway near Mohawk Street. Like the rest, it says “19% Salary Increases for City Management. 0% for police” with the word “UNFAIR!” […]

September 17th, 2012

Johnny Cash Tribute September 8th

Terry Lee Goffee’s Tribute to Johnny Cash was a hit and the first BPOA fundraising show in recent years.  BPOA’s portion of the proceeds from the event went to the BPOA Officer Assistance Fund which is used to assist current and retired officers in times of need and for unreimbursed medical expenses.  Thanks to all our friends who donated to the event and made the show possible!

July 07th, 2012

Police Union Sues City Over Pension Measure

The Bakersfield police union has followed through with its longtime plans to sue the city over a 2010, voter-approved pension measure, saying officials failed to thoroughly negotiate with the union before putting the measure to a public vote.

The measure, which was overwhelmingly […]

July 03rd, 2012

City, Police Union Still Deeply Divided Over Pay Issues

The years-long stalemate between Bakersfield police and the city shows no sign of resolution, with members of the officers’ union recently rejecting the city’s latest proposal to increase their pay. […]

City Council Favors Management

Kudos to the Kern County Board of Supervisor’s for delaying management pay raises out of concerns for the inequities those raises would create with the rank and file level workers. Well thought out and equitable labor relations practices seem to have integrity and be the rule of the day in the County. […]